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ATC Greater South Success Stories

Family Testimonial

This our testimony we are the parents of Amber who was an addict for many years, we finally got her in a drug rehabilitation program which did not work out.  They could not say the word God, they could only say (a higher power).  We wanted our daughter back and Teen challenge gave us the opportunity to see her become a Godly woman before our eyes and now she is a part of Teen Challenge by staying on to help with the other girls see what she saw in herself using the word of God to build their faith to overcome all the addictions of their lives.

We want to thank Teen Challenge for doing that for us.  We got our daughter back including most of the girls that call us Mom and Dad.
Blessing to all of you,

Terry and Diane

Success Story

Teen Challenge Women’s Ministries was an answer to many intercessory prayers for our daughter. For what seemed like an eternity, our child slipped deeper into addiction. We no longer knew who this person had become. Our daughter who was blessed with many God given talents no longer had God in her life.

We turned her over to God as He was the only one who could save her. With the help of a very dear friend, a Circuit Court Judge, we delivered our broken down and desperate child to Teen Challenge. We literally dropped her off, kissed her goodbye and watched as the Teen Challenge van carried her to what we thought was the last chance at saving her life.

We prayed that God would heal our child of this addiction. As God always seems to do, not only did He answer our prayers, He took our daughter and transformed her into a mighty Christian warrior bringing His saving ministry to others in addiction. God, through the Teen Challenge program, gave us our daughter back. She is now a powerful witness dedicated to saving others from addiction. Our family is whole again and blessed even greater than ever expected. God Bless this program and our daughter’s ministries savings lives every day.

Charles and Willette Coward
Proud parents of Kim Flanagan

A Mother’s Testimony

Our family story has two distinct, very different chapters.

Chapter One is a tale of years spent watching our son, Jarrod, traverse the wilderness that is alcohol and drug addiction. Imagine a roller coaster ride that begins with a steep drop when you discover your child has a drug addiction and is in trouble. The fear is indescribable. Then, your family begins a slow hopeful climb upward as you begin to navigate the frustrating processes to obtain secular counseling and rehabilitation. The failure of these in and outpatient programs propelled us up and down for so long. This ride included long tunnels of darkness and despair to learn our son was homeless and using meth. Friends and family continued their mantra of disbelief that someone with “a college degree, so smart and with so much promise” could be a drug addict. And, for several months my day began with calls to the hospital ER’s and a contact in the city police department trying to find him. After my calls I would get on my knees and pray for my son’s safety wherever he was. I cried out for God to give me strength for whatever might come of this. I repeatedly gave Jarrod to Jesus in my total desperation and final surrender. I would have peace for a time, but the roller coaster would start up again as I allowed my frailty and fear to invade again.

Chapter Two began with the Lord leading me to a man in our church, a former police officer who told me about the Teen Challenge program. He explained that TC was a 13 month, faith-based restoration program for teens and adults with centers all over the US. Eventually Jarrod came to the end of himself and, with the help of a few angels, the roller coaster stopped at Teen Challenge, San Antonio. For Jarrod, his last hope was the BEST hope! He was forgiven by the One who matters, and the knowledge and revelations of God’s Word saved his life daily.

His first visit home after graduating the program in spring of 2004 was surreal for me. My son was reborn and restored to our family whole and healthy. Yes, there was a time of rebuilding trust in him, but the Lord orchestrated that easily for us. Jarrod became a Teen Challenge intern, then marketing director. God healed our family so completely, then topped these blessings off with a beautiful, Godly woman who became Jarrod’s wife! We are so grateful to our Lord and Savior.

If your family story currently resembles our Chapter One, I pray you will call on Teen Challenge with the hope that can only come from Jesus Christ, His Word and His love. He wants you to have the light, peace and joy that can be Chapter Two.

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