The Teen Challenge Program


Our purpose is to provide men and women with an effective and comprehensive Christian faith-based solution to life-controlling problems. By applying biblical principles, Adult & Teen Challenge of the Greater South, endeavors to help people become mentally-sound, emotionally-balanced, socially-adjusted, physically-well, and spiritually-alive.

Our goal is to help residents establish chemical-free lifestyles in connection with issues they identify as life-controlling and to recognize that these skills and tools are transferable to future problems and challenges they will face.


This faith-based residential program assists individuals in recovering from drug and alcohol addiction and the life-controlling problems associated with it. In addition, residents work on overcoming rebellion and the self-destructive behaviors associated with their substance abuse and developing positive life skills. Residents participate in spiritual growth activities, individual advising, and choir.

Work Study

Through our adult work-study program, residents have the opportunity to develop a strong work ethic while learning new skills and the importance of teamwork and a good attitude. Work study consists of tasks such as administrative tasks, kitchen clean-up, laundry, janitorial duties, simple maintenance projects and wood working. These activities help residents understand personal responsibility for their own living space and the skills they'll need to be a productive member of society.


Helping residents develop a spiritual life that provides inner-strength and a foundation for lasting recovery.


Helping residents identify and replace negative and unhealthy core beliefs using a series of 14 group studies.


The residents give their testimonies to various groups which helps residents strengthen their motivation for change.


Life Skill development in areas such as personal and family relationships, self-acceptance, relapse prevention, social skills development, anger management, recreation, etc.


Residential Program

Our center offers a 8 month residential program for adults designed to help men and women learn how to live drug-free lives. During their stay, they do not hold down outside jobs, as all of their attention is focused on the program. We challenge the residents to embrace the Christian faith. We see that when they do, their lives are transformed and they find true meaning and purpose.

Residents follow strict rules and discipline. All residents adhere to a daily schedule which includes chapel, Bible classes and work assignments on or near the grounds.

According to the a National Survey on Drug Use, an estimated 7.7 million individuals age 12 or older were in need of care for an illicit drug problem. Furthermore, an estimated 18.6 million persons age 12 or older were in need of assistance for an alcohol problem. Adult & Teen Challenge of the Greater South has responded with action to statistics like these. Providing residential care for men and women seeking freedom from life-controlling problems, Jesus has become their answer.

Adult & Teen Challenge of the Greater South is known throughout the world for providing the most successful recovery program available. Enthusiastic law enforcement officials, judges, mayors, governors and other prominent community and country leaders advocate the mission of Adult & Teen Challenge of the Greater South. Several United States presidents have voiced their appreciation for the unique work of Adult & Teen Challenge®.

Adult & Teen Challenge of the Greater South is structured to meet the needs of those whose lives have been shattered by addictions. Adult and Teen Challenge of the Greater South offers a well-developed, multi-phased discipleship training program. We also provide prevention programs to thousands each year through public school assemblies and church meetings.

By the time an individual enters Adult & Teen Challenge of the Greater South they have typically had almost every relationship and family tie shattered that might be helpful in recovery. They have usually formed strong relationships with people and groups that actually perpetuate the addiction spiral. After completing Adult & Teen Challenge of the Greater South, hope is restored to more than just the addict, but to the family as well. Solid, positive relationships within community and family are also re-established.

During the program men and women move away from lifestyles centered around active addiction, confront the opportunity to live drug-free and learn to make basic decisions in a highly structured environment. Adult & Teen Challenge of the Greater South offers not only environmental change, but teaches practical life skills to cope with the roots of their addiction.



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