Students are allowed to take medicine as prescribed by a physician. No medications of a narcotic or addictive nature are permitted. Individuals must receive permission from the Induction personnel prior to bringing any medications with them. Adult & Teen Challenge of the Greater South does not provide medications. Individuals must have the means to pay for their medications. All medications must be in a bottle with a pharmacy label and proper instructions.
Adult & Teen Challenge of the Greater South is not responsible for any medical bills a student incurs while in the program. Students are allowed to go to the doctor for emergencies only. Any pre-existing medical problems must be addressed prior to admittance. You must also provide records of any condition which will limit your abilities to perform at full capacity.
Adult & Teen Challenge of the Greater South is a voluntary placement program even when the individual is court ordered. We will always strongly encourage the individual to stay in the program. However, if they insist on leaving, we will facilitate their exit from the program. If the individual is court ordered, we will notify the court of them leaving Adult & Teen Challenge of the Greater South.
If a student does not have a high school diploma then they will have the opportunity to be enrolled in the G.E.D. program.
We do have those who parole out or are court ordered to our program. They must meet the requirements of the program and have the means to pay their monthly parole/probation fees. Should they be dismissed from the program, leave for medical reasons or on their own accord, we will report this immediately to the appropriate court officials.
Every person and situation is unique. Speak the truth in love. Give them information about Adult & Teen Challenge of the Greater South. If they have questions, encourage them to call Toll Free 1-866-567-7101 and speak with the Intake Director.
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