Raymond Clark


Raymond Clark is the Chief Technology Officer for Adult & Teen Challenge of the Greater South. He oversees all current technology and creates relevant policy as it relates to information technology (IT) strategy, and the computer systems required to support the organization's unique objectives and goals.

Ray Clark

Ray oversees the strategic development and implementation of programs aimed at connecting individuals and organizations to our ministry as well. One of Ray’s goals is to inform people, that giving to the ministry is an opportunity to put their resources at the disposal of the kingdom. Vision brings together needs and a resource to aid in our mission of saving life’s lost to life-threatening addictions.

Raymond comes to Mississippi from Teen Challenge of Arizona where he was the Public Relations Coordinator at the Christian Life Ranch. A graduate of the Teem Challenge men’s program in 2011, Ray brings a vast knowledge of ministry fundraising, event planning, community outreach, jobs programs, church relations and marketing. Ray is committed to building new relationships with businesses, individual’s, and state and local governments.

Ray is instrumental in the logistics of the ministry. He has been vital in design and engineering of the Craft Shop; managing and developing the vast array of new plaques, crosses, and other wall hangings we now proudly sell at our fundraisers as well as on our Crosses-n-More.com web-site. Ray is one of our more versatile staff in that he has a variety of talents that are independent of one another.

Ray is our internal expert on technology - computers, printers, phones, cameras, etc. as well as advanced production technologies, computer numeric code (CNC) machines, and so much more.

Ray is Married to Patty Clark. They work together in the Flowood Staff Training Center. They are both PSNC and Biblical certified. They are also ordained pastors through Chainbreakers Ministry.

Raymond studied at Fort Lewis College and Arizona State University. His business experience is primarily in Manufacturing, Distribution and New Product Marketing and Development.