Meet Some of the Team

Jarrod Flanagan

Pastor Jarrod Flanagan


Pastor Jarrod Flanagan is the President/Chief Executive Officer of Adult & Teen Challenge of the Greater South. Jarrod has been a consultant to other large Teen Challenge organizations and teaches leadership training to different ministries like Christian Temple Church in Houston, Texas. As the President/CEO of ATCGS, Jarrod is committed to providing progressive leadership & services that proactively meet the expanding needs & expectations of this vital ministry. Experienced in pastoral ministry & corporate management, Jarrod is uniquely qualified to carry out the mission & vision of this ministry...


Kim Flanagan


Kim Flanagan is the Chief Operating Officer at Adult & Teen Challenge of the Greater South. Kim is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi with a Bachelor’s degree in education. Kim is alum with the Phi Mu Fraternity, at University of Mississippi. She was the 1st graduate of Teen Challenge Women’s Program in Texas in 2005. She brings extensive experience in counseling, staff training/development, program direction and a musical background to assist our music programs. She is our most qualified team member in Teen Challenge USA accredited curriculum. PSNC, Committed to Freedom, Effective Biblical Counseling, and Peacekeeper...


Kim Bolding

Chief Marketing Officer

Kim Bolding is the Chief Marketing Officer for Adult & Teen Challenge of the Greater South. She oversees all the Executive Directors and their centers making sure they are in compliance with all ATCGS policies and procedures as well as all credentialing requirements set forth by Teen Challenge USA. Kim entered Teen Challenge of Texas in 2005, Her leadership skills were quickly apparent and she held such positions as Choir Director, Marketing Director, and Program Director. Kim was among the original leadership group that came to Arkansas in 2008 were she served as the Arkansas Program Director until 2010...


Kate Riggs


Kate Riggs is the Chief Financial Officer for Adult & Teen Challenge of the Greater South. She oversees the financial administration of the ministry, ensures compliance with all state and federal laws for each facility, and reports monthly income and expenses to the President. Kate holds a Bachelor’s Degree in business. She is certified through Teen Challenge USA in Principles of Biblical Counseling as well as Personal Studies for New Christians (PSNC). Kate is currently enrolled in the Arkansas School of Ministry.

Ray Clark

Raymond Clark


Raymond Clark is the Chief Technology Officer for Adult & Teen Challenge of the Greater South. He oversees all current technology and creates relevant policy as it relates to information technology (IT) strategy, and the computer systems required to support the organization's unique objectives and goals.

Bobby Stults

Bobby Stults

Director of Spiritual Emphasis & Education

Bobby Stults is the Director of Spiritual Emphasis & Education for Adult and Teen Challenge of the Greater South. He oversees the overall program of Spiritual training and Pastoral ministry for ATCGS. He is responsible for scheduling Spiritual Emphasis training for each center as well as organizing the semi-annual Chainbreaker events to train ministers. Bobby also oversees the maintenance & purchase of all vehicles and all maintenance or repair of properties for ATCGS.

Kayla Hulett

Kayla Hulett

Corporate Marketing Director

Kayla Hulett is the Corporate Marketing Director at Adult & Teen Challenge of the Greater South. Kayla oversees all aspects of marketing and choir for the entire ministry - She works within the organization as well as with other organizations to accomplish the mission statement of the ministry. Kayla went through the program in 2012 and has continued with a career in the ministry. Kayla has been a credentialed minister with Chainbreakers Ministry, Inc. since 2014. She also holds various certifications through Teen Challenge, USA, including Personal Studies for New Christians and Biblical Counseling.