Allyson Bledsoe

My name is Allyson Bledsoe & I am 37 years old from Jackson, MS. I came from a very dysfunctional background in which both of my parents were addicts. My dad was murdered when I was a young girl & my mom abandoned me when I was 12 years old & left me with complete strangers, I never seen my mother again. This left me very broken. My mother died of a drug overdose & around that same time I began using & in turn made a lot of bad decisions which led me to prison with a 10-year sentence at the age of 20.

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I have two children & one of them wants nothing to do with me due to my addiction. I have been in & out of treatment centers for the past 14 years, but God has given me another chance & He has done so through this program. Since being here God has been healing all my brokenness that I have felt throughout my entire life. he has delivered me from a 20-year drug addiction & today I have a hope for my future  & I know that God is restoring everything that has been damaged. I am thankful that God is within me & I will not fail. (Psalms 46:5)