The Law of Navigation

Discovering/Developing Your Own

The team-building leader knows the vision and understands how to achieve it, but realizes it will take a team of leaders and workers to accomplish the goal. Team-builders have a supernatural insight into people that allows them to successfully find and develop the right people with the right abilities, the right character, builders know how to put these people in the right positions for the right reasons, thus freeing them to produce the right results.

When the appropriate people have been placed in appropriate positions, the team-building leader says to the appointed team, “You know what we’re trying to do. You know what part of the mission you’re responsible for. You know what part the rest of us around the circle are responsible for. So-head out! Get on with it! Work hard in your department.

Who Is Your Toughest Leadership Challenge?

Recall the first five chapters of Mark’s Gospel. Do you remember Jesus’ pattern of intense ministry activity quickly followed by time set aside for reflection, prayer, fasting, and solitude? Jesus repeated that pattern throughout his ministry. In our terms, Jesus was practicing the art of self-leadership. He knew he needed to go to a quiet place and recalibrate. He knew he needed to remind himself who he was and how much the Father loved him. Even Jesus needed to invest regularly in keeping his calling clear, avoiding mission drift, and keeping distraction, discouragement, and temptation at bay.

This is self-leadership. And nobody-I mean nobody-can do this work for us. Every leader has to do this work alone, and it isn’t easy. In fact, most leaders avoid it. We would rather try to inspire or control the behavior of others than face the rigorous work of self-reflection and inner growth.

Let me tell you-Pastors are let go every day. Business leaders are let go every day. Coaches and CEO’s are let go every day. Whether things are their fault or not-whether the situation can be turned around or not-self leadership will have to be relied on to continue and fight another day-say self investment.

The Process (Be a Student of the Student)

Watching the news the other night, I saw soldiers that were fighting in Iraq. Many of them were interviewed and asked their thoughts on whether they thought they should be pulled out of Iraq and brought home. All of them said no way! Everything we have fought for over the last 3 years would be for nothing. Everything we have worked for would go to waste. Everything those soldiers have died for would have become meaningless. If you are a student at Teen Challenge that has struggles and sometimes feels like throwing in the towel….This message is for you. Don’t you dare even entertain the thought of stopping now. Don’t’ you dare let the tears that you shed go to waste. Getting through those days and nights of crying was priceless.

Don’t Believe It

Don’t believe the yardsticks of the world. Don’t believe anything other than what the Lord tells you. Now, keep in mind that he will commonly tell you standards morals and values through his word and his church and people he has in place for certain seasons in your life.

Success does not signal God’s love. Struggles don’t indicate the lack of his love. Don’t believe it. 1 John 4:16-god is love. Notice this scripture has nothing to do with the word “you” in it. Others love you because of you, your dimples or your charm. Not God. He loves you because He is He. Because he decides to. self-generated, uncaused, and spontaneous, his constant level of love depends on His choice to give.

Worship Will Bring Transformation

You don’t become an effective leader by default. You must be intentional. And you must work from your strengths. Discovering your purpose starts by discovering your strengths. Why? Because people’s purpose in life is always connected to their giftedness., you are not called to do something you have no talent for.

Improvement is always related to your ability. The greater your natural ability, the greater your potential for improvement. I’ve known people who thought that reaching their potential would come from shoring up their weaknesses. If you work really hard you might work your way up to mediocrity. Nobody admires or rewards mediocrity. Only your best will add value to others and lift them up.

Discover your uniqueness, then discipline yourself to develop it. Like myself I strive to be a motivational teacher, not just a speaker. For the last decade of my life, I have disciplined my life to develop that uniqueness.

Whenever you see people who are successful in their work, they are in their strength zone. Good leaders help others find their strength zones and empower them to work in them. The best leaders specialize in matching these two up!