The Final Countdown

What are you going to do with your circumstances-with your countdown. You are so important to the Lord than some space shuttle taking off. You have a choice to do something with your countdown. This is your capsule in time to prepare. The second half of your life does not have to be the same as the first. To be effective with your countdown-you might want to become a student of I, gives a new meaning to the word student doesn’t it? Even companies respect this type of situation. If they are going to launch a new product, they determine a launch situation. If they are going to launch a new product, they determine a launch date. They have a countdown called a pre-launch period where they will get their affairs in order-come up with all these marketing approaches-advertising campaigns-book all these trade show dates……. They will really study and meditate with this time. They take it as serious as the situation at hand. I mean. They have put millions of dollars into this product. Yeah, serious man hours too. What should you do with your serious situation at hand?

Worry Warts Watch Out

We are not fretting over the right things. If we could see that the Lord is up there saying-If you are going to worry, why not be concerned about pleasing me? I am the Lord your God…….I am the only one that can change anything for your good anyway. I’m talking to someone here tonight. Look at Matthew 6:27-Jesus said worry was irrelevant. When was the last time you solved a problem by worrying about it?

Thinking for a Change 11 Ways Highly Successful People Approach Life and Work

In the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, I wrote about the Law of the Lid, which states, “Leadership ability determines a person’s level of effectiveness. In other words, in any endeavor with people, your leadership is the lid…
Your thinking is the lid for your potential. If you’re an excellent thinker, then you have excellent potential and the words of Emerson ring true; “Beware when the great God lets loose a great thinker on the planet.

Attitude Adjustment

If you can keep your attitude the way Jesus kept his attitude, we will be so much better off! If you can adjust your attitude on a daily basis, you can enjoy your life!
Let me ask you a question-is your problem really your problem, or is it your attitude about your problem really your problem. Change your outlook, you can change your life. Your attitude affects everything, everything in your life. An airplane has an attitude indicator and it shows the position of the plane to the horizon. When it is diving, it has a nose down attitude. If the horizon is average,
where is your attitude? Ask God, is there any adjustment that I need to make to my attitude?

Developing the Real You

I came to deliver a message to someone who has had good ideas. You are on the verge of perfect-the baby is coming. You haven’t had your best idea yet! God is doing a new thing in you. There is someone on the inside of you that wants to live-that needs to be fed, crying out to let me out!!!! Anyone who has left you is going to miss it. It took everything that happened to you yesterday, is going into the makeup of what you are about to be today. We believe there are concepts in you, CEO’s in you, ideas in you, inventions in you. There can be businesses in you, books, paintings in you-something that could radically change your life. Someone could take the same cards you have been dealt and do something great with your set of circumstances, but we don’t need them, because we’ve got you!!! There is someone inside of everyone that is capable of conceptualizing an idea of the new you-you might need prayers for the new you followed by notepads and recorders. The baby is coming-the new you is coming –your ideal you-its about time!

At the End of the Day

The lives we lead do not always lend time for inner reflection. We’re so busy that we don’t make space for prayer, for meditation. We don’t really examine. We throw ourselves into this busy-ness so deeply that we don’t take the time to pause for even a Sabbath, if you will. Everything else in creation has a Sabbath-a winter, a season of not being fruitful. It can be hard at first to identify that internal heartbeat, but recognizing it determines what will give you fulfillment and gratification. Think of it as an inward applause for every moment where you feel in harmony with yourself, and when you hear it-be it loud and clear or soft and slightly muffled-you’ll know exactly what it is and what you’re meant to do.

Get Practical!

I would rather see a sermon than hear one anytime. Then, after I see someone walk that talks, then I will listen to them preach and preach. James 2:20 –faith without works is dead . Remember that we are called to serve God and that means serving man in many cases. The measuring stick of our commitment it not our lip service, but our life. Action is our gauge whether someone really means it or not.