The Attitude to Approach Life

All of us have the ability and the privilege to choose our attitudes, no matter what the circumstances. Over time autopilot takes over because of the preprogramming we’ve done. It is vital for you to understand that you



can choose your own thinking, As you understand that you can choose your own thinking. As you learn to think like God thinks, it enables you to partner with Him in accomplishing whatever you need.

What redemption does not do. Limited redemption –be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. Either you conform or you transform. I’m afraid of being trapped on the street corner of my experiences and not growing past the culture that has so shaped me. I’m afraid of not living. The world is bigger than your world and that reality-don’t die on the street corner of your perspective. Don’t settle for that corner that shaped your ideas.

We were all born with a built-in death warrant, which is our sin nature, because we have inherited this sin nature from Adam because of his actions, but when we came to Christ we are not sinners anymore. Don’t just talk about God, but engage with the world to evangelize the world in your own special way from your special corner of the world where the Lord has placed you for that particular moment, week, or month in your life. Redeemed people have the very evidence of redemption.



You will never bring the Giant down without the commitment, If I just go to college, that I will get a job and get jobs forever. That wasn’t the truth. People in America are finding that everywhere they go. And then, I used to think that if someone had an education you would really get something in a staff member for that-they have the information but they don’t have the character, dedication and the tenacity to perform. I’d rather hire someone that had the guts-had the commitment-in a perfect world I’d love to have both, but if I had to choose, I’d rather have someone that just has a real commitment-because those people can go back and learn.



Intensity is an interesting thing. Some people don’t think of themselves as intense until they find something they care deeply about. Oftentimes we can be intense about the wrong things. I can get really intense when someone cuts me off in traffic; what a waste. We should be intentional about our intensity. Our intensity must purposefully be directed at things that really matter and purposefully not directed at things that don’t.

But don’t be intense about the wrong things. I want to make sure I am intense and focused when working on the things that matter. If I am willing to lose my voice yelling for someone else to be successful on the football field, I should also be serving in my leadership role with great intensity. I should be engaged in conversation with my wife of thirty years with even more intensity than when we were dating. I should pursue friendships and my spiritual walk with fervor. I should be passionate about work that matters.

The Shepherding Leadership Style

Leaders must remember that although there are many cause-driven people who are waiting to be drawn into a mission by a visionary leader, there are also plenty of community starved people who need to be welcomed onto a team where they can be nurtured and loved. Only then will they be motivate to answer the call of a cause. Without tender care they will hold back, but if shepherded lovingly they will joyfully pursue almost any kingdom purpose with loyal dedication. The shepherd has to speak in order for them to recognize His voice.

Where I Am

We are on a constant quest for truth and beauty of a changed life. We will find fresh ways to communicate the gospel to the postmodern mind. Postmodernism is the intellectual boundary between the old world and the other side.


Give It Up

Christ gave up his reputation. No one in Nazareth saluted Him as the Son of God. He did not stand out in his elementary-classroom photograph, demanding no throne to sit on in the classroom, or crown to wear on the playground. His friends knew him as a woodworker, not a star hanger. His looks turned no heads; His position earned him no credit. In the great “lowering of Himself we call Christmas, Jesus gave up heavenly rank and crawled out among the hay and horse-stall of this earth because you and I were worth it? Hard to comprehend-yet a principle that must be duplicated for you to step into the river of your destiny!