God’s Formula

You have laws that are at your fingertips and those laws give you rights to certain victories. Oh, by the way, you don’t have to be perfect along the way. Back to God’s Formula, look at the word first. That’s a lot. That is checking my motive, and I haven’t had those checked in a long time, even by myself. You see you would have to get close to me to get into any of that, and that has hurt in the past. There is someone who knows about being hurt. You might say Jarrod, I’m not going there because you might do the same thing. Go to Him, you can trust Him. He has never hurt you. You might have blamed him a time or two for something, but did he deserve it?

Choose this Day

Now for some of us this message means to take a deep look at some things. Get right in the middle of some of your daily decisions. For some of us it means taking time and writing out the basic categories of your life and really looking at some remarks you would report right now from your heart and change it. See I feel that we all have calendars that are so full on a daily, weekly and monthly basis that we get caught in Satan’s trap of aimlessly meandering. I implore you today to reach down and spend some time. Number one, if you actually do this, then it will show that your family and household are worth the five minutes it takes to do this. Next, if nothing comes in your mind about how you can improve at all in any of these areas, then we all want you to come up here and tell us how we can learn from you….

Insanity, What’s the Definition?

We are to take on meeting the conditions of the Lord’s promises if we are to experience the rewards of those promises. People would much rather see a sermon than hear one. If you tell me you are truly changed, then we will be able to see it. We will become more convinced with more days that go by than anything. When people talk about someone who has changed, they talk about what they always used to be like, and that they are never like that anymore. Alcoholic/addicts aren’t used to that.. Your body and mind are so influenced by the world, that, regardless of your intentions you will go back unless you are intensively proactive. That is why I am so insistent on you taking it to the next level.
You can’t just get better-you must be transformed
You can’t just improve-you must become unrecognizable
You will not make it otherwise!

If You are Redeemed, You are Dedicated

You’ll never be able to stop someone who is dedicated-it’s time to stand up be willing to fight for it willing to work for it and wrestle for it. You may have made some mistakes-that means nothing-the same with Levi-same thing-but Moses went to the mountaintop and he asked the question and said who is on the lords side-no one said anything but here comes Levi and he said I am on the lords side-David made mistakes, Paul made mistakes, Abraham made mistakes-but they stayed dedicated. Don’t survive the lion and the bear and be taken down by the act of mediocrity. Speaking of Levi God blessed him because he never gave up. You don’t have to be talented, just be committed-you may be beat up on Tuesday, and beat up on Wednesday, but you will have a victory Thursday or a Friday because Jesus said you suffer with me you will reign with me. Everyone say this is going to be my day, because I’m redeemed, and since I’m redeemed, I’m committed.

Give it A Chance

Suppose that neck deep in a “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day” you resolve to give it a chance. You choose not to drink or work or worry it away but give it a fair shake. You trust more. Stress less. Amplify your gratitude or mute your grumbling, and what do you know? Before long the day is done and surprisingly decent. You do not yet have tomorrow. Unless you accelerate the orbit of the earth or convince the sun to rise twice before it sets once, you can’t live tomorrow today. You can’t spend tomorrow’s money, celebrate tomorrow’s achievements, or resolve tomorrow’s riddles. You have only today. This is the day the Lord has made.


Be still. Let your daily practice be one of listening. Instead of begging for the direction, be still. It is a guarantee if you have the vision, it will pull you forward. It will be compelling enough-you can believe it. Stop talking ,stop posting it on facebook-and listen.

If you find that your altar has been torn down or has fallen down then you need to rebuilt it, not on a new foundation but on that original foundation and not by yourself but with God’s help. The foundation of repentance and forgiveness. The foundation of faith and grace. The foundation of His word and prayer. The foundation of obedience. The foundation of fellowship with other believers and regular corporate worship. Listen to the words of Jesus’ younger brother Jude 1:20 But you, dear friends, must continue to build your lives on the foundation of your holy faith. And continue to pray as you are directed by the Holy Spirit.