Bringing Change To Your Life

There is no way around it. People are going to question WHY you do what you do. And the more success you see in ministry, the more people will question your motives. Let me be clear: You can’t win this fight. The only thing that you can do is consistently check your heart to make sure that you are listening to the voice of God and doing what He says. We can lie to people, but we can’t lie to Him. He knows our hearts. One day our motives, if impure, will be exposed, because He will not be mocked! Galatians 6:7

God’s Holiness

God does not conform to any standard created by others. He is the standard. Therefore, He demands that His creation conform to His standard. Some atheists say there could not be a God, given the existence and prevalence of evil. Actually, the opposite is true. You can call evil only if there is a God against whose standard you can measure evil. Bad wouldn’t be bad unless you had a standard that made it bad. You can call something evil because you have a standard-a good and holy God.

God’s holiness unlocks the door to understanding and making sense out of everything else about Him. This attribute infiltrates all the other attributes. His love is holy love. His omniscience is holy omniscience. His omnipresence is holy omnipresence. Everything has been infiltrated by this defining attribute of God called holiness.

You’re Not the Only One

The final stages of your road before arriving here at Teen Challenge were a nightmare. We know it was horrifying and we know it was devastating. There is definitely a prerequisite of pain before enrolling into any Teen Challenge. You have without a doubt been through a wilderness of life that may be un-parallel to anything even you have experienced.

The Lord is your Redeemer and he will rectify and more than make up for everything. You will find what I found; All those people that wrote you off will trust you again. They will invest in you and believe in you. What you came here as a last resort for will end up being the meaning f your life. See there is this thing called getting in His will first. Once you do that, you will know things just start to work out for you (not only on the outside, but also on the inside). You were created for a specific purpose on this earth. You are not just number. Your steps are ordered by the lord.

Goodbye Flesh

The Holy Spirit wants to identify the root of your problem and rip that ugly thing clear out of your soul. He wants to bring permanent change to your life. But for you to receive this soul-cleansing work of God, you will have to make your flesh shut up and move out of the way. And after you tell your flesh to be silent, then you’ll have to allow God to speak truthfully to you. This will demand that you spend time looking into the mirror of God’s Word so you can see what is wrong and what needs to be changed. If you’re willing to do all this, God’s Spirit will set you free. Yes, your flesh will scream in pain; but when it does, just take authority over it and tell it to be silent. It is screaming because it knows that it is losing the power it has always exercised in your life!